The Band aptly named Granny's Ball of Odds.

Alice "Granny" Donahue - Keyboard
Richard Lynch - Drums
Kenny Williams - Guitar
Roberto "Berimbau" Santos - Bass
Joe Brown - Keyboard and Sax

           Alice "Granny" Donahue, a classically trained pianist meets a couple of "Boys in the Hood" -- Richard, Kenny, Joe and Roberto  (Names not changed to protect the innocent) and decides to help give them a purpose in life other than getting together at Richard's house to listen to some ol' funk and attempting to play along!

Now with one album under their belt, the band is passionately working to produce the best music for their fans on their newest project, "People On The Streets".

At the same time they keep their fingers on the pulse of the music by playing live. The Band's live performances beautifully blend many genres into their signature sound.

Granny's Ball of Odds will take you from Led Zepplin to Stevie Wonder to Burt Bacharach. Sprinkle in some originals here and there, and it makes for a fun listening experience.

It's music for everyone and an evening to remember!